Are You Monitoring Your Web Traffic Correctly?

The first step to monitoring your website traffic is to ensure that your website is updated and ready to capture traffic information. Without an accurate setup your web traffic could be increasing, but you may not realize it! The best way to track...

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Why Remarketing is Crucial for Your Business

 Why Remarketing is So Important for Your Business

A proven way for online jewelers to maximize Google AdWords campaigns, is to use website remarketing. It is a process that is a part of AdWords, which allows you to serve ads to users who have...

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How to Use Twitter to Sell Jewelry

As an online platform known for “getting the word out” about a particular product or service, Twitter has certainly proven its worth. The savviest marketers – across essentially every industry – understand this fact and use the marketing leverage of...

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How to Use Instagram for Your Jewelry Store

Gaining a competitive edge can be a game changer for your jewelry store. By focusing on more engagement with your audience instead of strictly sales you can help distinguish your brand and store. Old fashioned pitches are becoming increasingly...

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How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence

In order to effectively execute your social media management for your jewelry business, you need to have tools in place to actually measure your online social media presence and gauge your success. This means that you need to have clear goals for...

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Why Remarketing on Facebook Ads Work

Why Remarketing on Facebook Ads Works

Having a Facebook business page is the first step towards having a social media presence, but the magic isn't in the page.  In order to keep a good return on your investment (ROI), remarketing to your users...

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How to Create a Call-to-Action Button on Your Facebook Page

Creating a call-to-action button (CTA) on your Facebook page only takes a few quick seconds to do, and is very important when you are trying to build up your page so that you can attract potential customers. 

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How to Sell Jewelry to a Facebook User

One of the most effective marketing tools today is social media. Platforms such as Facebook allow marketers, retailers, and suppliers to connect with a wider audience, and helps marketers tailor content to appeal to their target audience.

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Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Jewelry Store Be Using?

Social media is one of the golden tools of today's world, that can accelerate lead generation. A couple of different factors are important for you to understand when you are thinking about which social media platform you want to use for your jewelry...

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Digital Marketing for Today's Jeweler

Online marketing for jewelers is not too different from any other industry. The real difference is that the jewelry industry has not been as quick to move to online marketing. This is largely because it has been assumed that people would want to see...

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