5 Ways to Avoid the June Sales Slump in the Jewelry Industry


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3 Key Insights from JCK Las Vegas

After an exciting and exhausting weekend at JCK in Las Vegas our team is finally getting back into the swing of things and we have already begun creating new marketing strategies for many of the brands and businesses that we met at JCK. 

Before we...

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Online vs Traditional Marketing

Both small and large jewelry businesses struggle with how much of their marketing budget to dedicate to the traditional forms of marketing and how much to dedicate to online marketing. Should you focus on one or both?

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The Secret to Using Social Media to Close the Sale

In the age of digital marketing and social media, it is essential that you not only establish a great customer relationship, but that you are also able to close the sale using both your excellent customer service skills and digital media. Using the...

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How to Define Your Digital Marketing Goals

As you review your digital marketing strategies for your business, you might have all of the right pieces in place, including a strong social media presences, a reliable newsletter, and a client list of those who signed up to receive updates about...

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5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence is Important

As many jewelry retailers and wholesalers work with customers on a face-to-face basis, the idea of spending much time on a website or establishing an online presence might seem unnecessary. And although most sales will end in-person, the process of...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Satisfaction

Providing your customers with a superior experience breeds customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are some of your best marketers, since they eagerly tell their friends, family, and social media followers about their wonderful experience with...

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7 Ways to Use Your JewelCloud Data to Increase Sales


While running a jewelry store can be a challenge in it of itself, any tools that you can use to increase your efficiency and effectiveness are integral in the success of both an online business, as well as a brick and mortar retailer. One of the...

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5 Reasons You Need the RingBuilder® for Your Jewelry Website

 If your jewelry website does not have the RingBuilder® on it yet, you are missing out on an important online tool that can improve your user experience and make your online engagement more interactive. RingBuilder®  is an excellent tool that can...

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What is the DiamondLink®?

Often when customers are browsing for a diamond, they are not necessarily looking for a specific retailer or vendor. Instead, they are after a specific cut, carat, or quality. For most customers, this can make shopping for the perfect diamond like...

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