Selling Online Post-Pandemic for Jewelry Store Owners

If you’re wondering how to continue the momentum selling jewelry online in a post-pandemic world, the solution is to keep building on all of the work you did in the past two years! COVID-19 sprung historical lessons on us all, and jewelry business...

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Interactive Tools That Help Jewelers Sell More Jewelry Online

If you’re looking for innovative ways to sell more jewelry online, there are solutions for jewelers of all sizes to be forward thinking and offer the latest technology. There are always large, well-established jewelers who have deeper pockets and...

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How to Set Up SSL in Shopify for Jewelry Websites

Meta: Learn how to set up SSL in Shopify for your jewelry store website in just a few simple steps

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Can You Use Emojis in Google Ads for Your Jewelry Store?

Wondering if you can put emojis in Google ads for your jewelry store to boost your clickthrough rate?

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How to Pause or Stop a Google Ad Campaign for Your Jewelry Store

From time to time during the course of your Google advertising campaigns, you'll want to pause or stop a campaign. But, how do you do it? And what should you do if you need to stop several Google ad campaigns? GemFind Digital Solutions is here to...

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Writing SEO Descriptions for Your Jewelry Store Website

Writing a great SEO description for your jewelry store website seems easy -- it's just a couple of lines designed to entice people to click your online jewelry store's link in the search results and go to your website.

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How to Request Access to a Google Ads Account for Your Jewelry Store

If you’re looking to advertise your jewelry store on Google Ads, one of the most important steps you’ll need to take is creating a Google Ads account. Google Ads has been around for several decades, originally incarnated as “Google Adwords”. It’s...

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How to Target Jewelry Buyers on Facebook

If you’re looking to grow your jewelry store online, marketing on Facebook is definitely something you’ll want to look into. Considering that Facebook is where jewelry buyers tend to hang out, it makes sense to tailor your ads to attract their...

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How to Create a Jewelry Gift Guide this Holiday Season

One of the best ways to increase your jewelry store sales over the holidays, be it online or in store, is to put together a gift guide that makes it easy for your customers to view price points and what you offer for everyone on their list. Shoppers...

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How To Create A Social Media Calendar for Your Jewelry Store

A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the best ways to ensure timely and consistent posts on social media for your online jewelry store is to create a social media calendar. Although it may seem like a massive undertaking to think of and assign posts on a...

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