The Importance of Customer Reviews for Your Jewelry Store and Where to Feature Them

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On the web, well-written content and beautiful images may engage users on your jewelry website. But what truly seals the deal are reviews. Reviews are so powerful, in fact, there are entire organizations and companies have sprung up in an attempt to verify pure, unbiased and authenticated purchases from consumers for a variety of brands.

Conversely, negative reviews can cripple a business. Negative reviews tend to stick in customers’ minds more than positive reviews, but publishing only positive reviews understandably creates a sense of deception in the shopper’s mind, as if they tell themselves, “nobody is that perfect.”

Plus, client reviews of your jewelry store website do more than just solidify a consumer’s purchase. They also:

Empower Your Social Media Presence

Reviews are like the lifeblood of social media. If someone isn’t aware of your brand, social media reviews are a great way to instill proof of your high quality jewelry, your amazing customer service and the other facets of your online store. The more reviews, the greater the sway that they can have over encouraging the customer to make a purchase.

Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Many online shoppers will seek out reviews on third-party sites, including search engines like Google and Bing. High quality reviews on these sites essentially plant a seed in the consumer’s mind that this is a brand with a reputation for quality, which in turn carries over to your site. The more time they spend on your site, whether browsing or buying, the more relevant the search engines view your site as the answer to the user’s search query, and as a result, the higher you’ll rank.

That’s why it’s a good idea to solicit and post reviews not just on your website, but also on social media and search engines. All of these things factor into the “weight” that search engines give you as opposed to your competitors. And although reviews are only one facet of a complicated and complex algorithm responsible for ranking our site, they can nevertheless help give you a boost and are definitely worth seeking out!

Improve Your Credibility

Reviews are vital to your credibility as a business. You can tell people how amazing your company is, but hearing it directly from others helps position your online jewelry store as one that’s committed to the complete satisfaction of its customers. Reviews are as powerful as testimonials so don’t hesitate to ask for them and put them to use on your pages! Empower your sales team to hit a goal of gathering customer reviews as people are typically glad to share their great experience if you just ask them.

Reviews Demonstrate Your Responsiveness

Particularly on social media, whenever there are unhappy customers, others are reading and watching to determine your responsiveness to their needs. Do their concerns go largely ignored? What about missing or mismanaged orders? Your quickness in responding and making the order right will go a long way to improve your credibility and social media reputation as well, so don’t miss an opportunity to potentially convert an unhappy customer into a loyal one!

Where Should Reviews Go?

Now that you understand the importance of customer reviews, the next logical question is, where should they go? The answer is -- anywhere a pivotal decision can be made. Most often, reviews are found on your product pages, but that doesn’t have to be the only place.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of other features like Facebook Reviews and Rich Snippets in Google to get those stars to appear below your search engine ranking. Little-known but immensely powerful options like this make your company and your website stand out from the crowd, and the reviews themselves can help solidify your place in the rankings.

If you still have questions about getting high quality reviews for your jewelry website, or putting consumer reviews to work for you to help increase your ranking, social media presence or improve conversion rates on your website, why not reach out to us at GemFind Digital Solutions? We have decades of experience helping jewelry store owners enjoy beautiful, compelling websites that rank well on search engines and social media alike.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our jewelry store website development and marketing services!

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