Selling Online Post-Pandemic for Jewelry Store Owners

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If you’re wondering how to continue the momentum selling jewelry online in a post-pandemic world, the solution is to keep building on all of the work you did in the past two years! COVID-19 sprung historical lessons on us all, and jewelry business owners large and small were forced to adapt in ways they could have never foreseen. 

Now that the pandemic is starting to slow and the curve is starting to flatten, many jewelry store businesses are understandably asking, “What’s next?” Although the repercussions will likely be felt for years to come, there are some things that you can do right now to make sure you are continuing to drive success online and gain market share across platforms. Although the bustle in each jewelry store is something we all missed and are happy to see the heart of the industry return, it's important not to lose site of your online presence or let it fall to the wayside. 

Don’t Forget About Virtual Sales

Virtual sales were a hallmark of the quarantine, but they’re not going away anytime soon. Anything that allows your website visitors to see your jewelry in greater detail, including 360-degree views, Virtual Try On tools, and other interactive features, can give them a shopping experience that’s very similar to the real thing. Most shoppers have adapted in the past two years to shopping online more than ever before and look for these heightened level of communication with retailers. The key for jewelry store owners is to keep taking advantage of the latest technology in the jewelry industry to gain market share and further your credibility with your online offerings.

Social Media is Only Going to Grow

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, those are the social networks that jewelry stores should look to in order to capitalize on an audience that’s browsing, comparison shopping, and looking to buy. And they don’t just make a decision on social media. Many users hear about your brand for the first time via social media, and then seek out your website, visit your store, or even look for reviews or recommendations. Many jewelry stores are testing out TikTok and take full advantage of YouTube advertising as well.

The most important thing about your social media channels is to stay consistent, offer fresh and current content, and create a Social Media Marketing Calendar, so you are planning ahead.

In addition, your website has to look great and load fast, as well as do the heavy lifting for your brand as a whole. Whether users are comparison shopping, looking for reviews, checking out your jewelry showcase and more, your website needs to address customer's needs quickly and seamlessly. 

Develop Your Omnichannel Presence

Having an omnichannel presence means that you focus on the different areas of different social media platforms in such a way that it brings out your brand’s best features on all of them. 

For example, Pinterest is heavily photo-oriented, as is Instagram, but Instagram also makes use of Reels, which allow you to showcase short, easy-to-consume videos about your products, while Facebook is great for leveraging user reviews and recommendations as well as paid ads. 

If You Don’t Know – Ask!

Selling post-pandemic is new territory for everyone, and there is no single jewelry store brand or company that has the process nailed down to perfection. With that being said, every shop and style is different, so be sure to ask your followers what they’d like to see more of from you.

You may be surprised at the answers! And if you feel like your site is in need of more than just a facelift, reach out to the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions! With over 20 years serving the jewelry industry online, we’ve perfected the art of selling in any economy. Let us help you get your plans on track. Whether it be an ecommerce Shopify website or fully planned out digital marketing plan, our team is skilled and trained specifically for the jewelry industry to succeed online. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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