How to Target Jewelry Shoppers on Facebook

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If you’re looking to grow your jewelry store's online presence, marketing on Facebook is definitely a platform you want to be focused on. Considering that Facebook is where jewelry shoppers tend to spend time, it makes sense to tailor your ads to attract their attention and get them to click.

But how exactly do you do it? GemFind is here with everything you need to know in order to target jewelry buyers on Facebook.

Develop a Strategy for Facebook Jewelry Ads Marketing by Creating an Event

It’s easy for your page to get lost in a sea of posts and notifications, but interestingly, events are front and center. Not only do they appear at the top of a user’s feed but they also usually show up in notifications too, giving you plenty of avenues to grab attention and shift the focus to your jewelry store and event.

Using Facebook’s event scheduler, you can create an event listing and then add images to help encourage interaction and engagement. No matter whether you’re doing an in-person showcase at your store and want to encourage more foot traffic, or you’re doing a virtual presentation of the latest pieces on Facebook live, you want to create the sensation that your event is not one to be missed.

Cultivate Interactions with Your Page Followers

Although your Facebook jewelry store page should be focused on your business, you can (and should) add a personal touch to it and help cultivate the impression that your business is welcoming, friendly, helpful and unique. Give your followers a sneak peek of new products or start creating your “gift ideas” a month or two in advance to get them thinking about upcoming holidays and gifts.

Don’t forget to also tag the jewelry artisans or brands in your post, helping to further increase your reach and engagement! And last but not least, interact with people when they comment or ask questions! The last thing you want is for your Facebook jewelry store page to seem like a ghost town- if someone comments or tags a friend, be sure to comment back.

Add Video to Your Jewelry Store's Marketing Strategy

Video is one of the hottest marketing tools and according to our own research and findings, it’s incredibly effective for online jewelry stores for several reasons:

  • People pay much more attention to video than static images or even text
  • Engagement on Facebook video is higher than engagement on posts
  • Many shoppers, especially mobile users find video shopping more attractive than scrolling through countless product images

So if you’re not using video to promote your jewelry store and merchandise, you’re missing out! High quality video of your products is a great way to generate excitement and sales and also introductions to the sales team or store owners that customers will meet when they enter your store.

Target the Right Audience for Facebook Jewelry Ads

One of the biggest things that sets Facebook advertising for jewelry stores apart from other advertising channels is their ability to pull from a VERY large pool of users to let you target your jewelry marketing ads to precisely the right group.

Just adding “jewelry” as their interest is not enough. Are they shopping for bridal jewelry? Wedding rings? custom jewelry? You can tailor your ads precisely to the exact type of customer you want to reach, making your return on investment much higher than through other types of advertising.

Set Your Facebook Pixel for Jewelry Ads

Don’t forget that by placing Facebook’s pixel on your own jewelry store website, you can greatly broaden the insights you get with regard to the actions people are taking on your jewelry store website.

For example, based on the pages they visit, you can target eye-catching advertisements announcing new products released under that brand, or other items on sale that relate to what they looked at. Who knew that one simple pixel could do so much?

Get Help from a Marketing Agency That’s Entirely Focused on Jewelry Stores

Of course, this is just scratching the surface with what’s possible. With GemFind’s powerful marketing strategies, brilliant designs and cutting-edge technology on your side, you can take your jewelry store to the next level: attracting your ideal clients almost effortlessly while always staying one step ahead of the competition.

Through our comprehensive apps and our dedicated approach to putting YOU first, you’ll see a remarkable difference in less time than you think! Contact us today to learn more!

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