The Guide to Selling Engagement Rings with Digital Marketing

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If you’re looking to sell more engagement rings from your online jewelry store, you’re in luck! We at GemFind have prepared the ultimate guide to helping jewelry stores of all sizes sell more engagement rings online. By following these steps, not only will you greatly increase customer engagement, but your online jewelry store website will be as optimized as possible for even greater sales. Let’s get started!

Merchandising Your Website

The very first step to selling more engagement rings online is to properly merchandise your website. That means focusing on quality over quantity. Remember that 90% of users who land on your site aren’t ready to buy just yet.

That means you’ll want to target your merchandising and optimization efforts to attract and target those customers who are at the “middle of the funnel”, that is, they’ve decided they want to buy an engagement ring but they’re still doing their research as to the different types, prices and so on, or the “bottom of the funnel”, meaning they’re ready to buy, but may need a little more coaxing to see why your store is the best place to buy from versus your competition.

Creating Self-Sustaining Landing Pages

One of the best ways to sell more engagement rings is through landing pages. Rather than sending traffic to your home page, where it’s easy for people to get lost or distracted, or send it to a product page when they’re not ready to buy, landing pages can be set up to address each stage of the buyer’s journey, using relevant keywords at every step of the way.

That also means ensuring that each of your pages is as finely-tuned as possible regarding search engine optimization.

Consider that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search. The first organic mobile listing gets nearly 28% of clicks. Google itself is where 94% of all searches begin. It makes sense then, to tailor your landing pages for your visitors, but also optimize them in such a way that Google can easily understand and rank them.

That means following these best practices for search engine optimization:

  • Optimize each landing page for one keyword or phrase
  • Include the keyword in your page’s title, i.e. “diamond engagement rings”
  • Incorporate that keyword in your Heading 1 (H1) tag
  • Repeat the keyword in 1-2 Heading 2 (H2) tags and
  • Use the keyword throughout the content in a way that reads and flows well.

Rather than just filling them with “fluff” content designed specifically to rank in the search engines, it’s better to consider your landing pages as self-sustaining, high-value pages of your website -- pages that are meant to naturally lead the user through to the next step of their journey.

Increase Product Visibility with Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are like the icing on the Google optimization cake. Having a rich snippet in your search engine listing can increase your CTR (click-through rate) by 677% and drive 20-50% more traffic than products without them.

Rich snippets are added via what’s called schema markup. There are many different types of schemas that Google can read, which in turn help to enrich its listings. These include:

  • Product schema
  • Reviews and ratings schema
  • Price schema
  • Product availability schema
  • Video schema

Identifying what kind of schema(s) are on your page makes it even more likely that Google will include that information when it ranks your pages.

Leveraging Paid Search Successfully

Paid search is an excellent way to sell more engagement rings online. Google ads can get you quality traffic, let you connect with users based on their search intent, target the top and middle of the funnel and even use retargeting and lookalike audiences.

Google ads convert 50% better than organic results, giving businesses that use them an average ROI of 200% when they’re done right. In order to use paid search without wasting money unnecessarily, be sure to use all of the available extensions to increase your quality score, and make sure that each keyword has a separate campaign and a dedicated landing page associated with it.

Paid search is not something that you can “set and forget”.  You should always be optimizing and refining your audience targeting by adding negative keywords, so that you dissuade users who are “just looking” with no intention to buy.

In addition to paid search, Google Shopping campaigns can promote even greater product visibility. This also opens the door for dynamic ads -- retargeting ads across the Google Display network. Interestingly, the Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of all internet users all over the world. Remarketing to users in this way also helps steadily increase your conversion rates over time.

Utilize an Inbound Marketing Approach to Nurture Engagement Ring Shoppers

As we know, the average engagement ring buying cycle is three  and a half months. This means that most people that you are advertising to are not ready to buy right away. If you can create an inbound marketing funnel for engagement ring shoppers and attract them earlier on in their buyer's journey, you can get to shoppers before they start shopping with competitors. How do you ask? By offering a subscription service or even easier, offer downloadable content such as an e-book in exchange for them signing up for your email list.

By offering downloadable content, anyone who downloads can ultimately start getting emails from you as they can opt in in exchange for the download. Once they have opted into your email list, you can create a very specific email sequence that helps them in their buying process. The ultimate goal would be to create different content for each stage of the buyer's journey (awareness stage, consideration stage, decision stage).

By creating relevant content for engagement ring shoppers, you are not only helping your customers but you are building brand awareness by repetition. As long as the information is valuable to the shoppers, you most likely will have a very low unsubscribe rate and a high open rate (30-50% and up)

Selling More Engagement Rings with Social Media

You may not think that users on social media would be open to buying engagement rings, but social media is a great place for them to seek out recommendations from their friends and family. In addition, social media is a great opportunity to get them acquainted with your brand and provide them with big, gorgeous images of engagement rings to help spark ideas.

The good news is that you can take advantage of this by creating a product feed from your website and then connecting it to Facebook and Instagram. From there, you can connect Instagram to Facebook and then request to be an Instagram Shop. This helps make sure you cover all of the social bases and help draw in users from various platforms to browse your engagement rings.

The Bottom Line on Selling Engagement Rings Online

The best-performing content is centered around inbound marketing. Engagement ring shoppers have questions -- create content that helps them. Set up a blog and add high quality content to it often. Businesses that blog get 67% more leads than those who don’t, and as much as 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before they reach out to a sales rep.

That’s a lot of independent decision-making that relies on your best content to not only demonstrate why your jewelry store is their best option to buy an engagement ring online, but also that every page is as fully optimized as it can be to sell. Of course, there are a lot of steps involved in preparing your pages, which is why it makes sense to reach out to an experienced firm that specializes in working exclusively with jewelry stores and jewelry store websites.

Connect with us at GemFind today to learn more about our comprehensive marketing, advertising and design services and let us help you sell more engagement rings online!

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