How to Pause or Stop a Google Ad Campaign for Your Jewelry Store

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From time to time during the course of your Google advertising campaigns, you'll want to pause or stop a campaign. But, how do you do it? And what should you do if you need to stop several Google ad campaigns? GemFind Digital Solutions is here to help!

How to Pause a Google Campaign

By pausing or removing a campaign, you can stop ads from showing. You can also permanently remove a campaign which will also remove your ability to create new ads within that campaign. It's worth noting that if you resume a paused Google campaign, you might notice your ads aren't running if you also happened to pause the ad groups, keywords or the ads themselves. You'll need to go through those parts and resume them individually to get them running again.

How to Remove or Update One or More Google Campaigns

Once you're logged in to your Google Ads account, from the page menu, click on Campaigns. For each campaign you want to update, click the box news to it. From there you have three choices:

  1. Enable to un-pause and resume the campaign
  2. Pause to put the campaign on hold
  3. Remove to permanently stop the campaign

This method works whether you have one or several Google campaigns.

You're In Complete Control at All Times

Remember that with Google advertising, you're in complete control at all times. You can pause ads for as long as you like, and resume them whenever you want. During the time that your ads are paused, you won't be charged for those specific ads.

You can also use automated rules to pause or resume ads that meet specific criteria. For example, let's say you're having an engagement ring sale. You can set certain specific parameters to pause or resume ads for engagement rings during that time frame and those ads will run until the time you specify, helping you save hours of time while staying within budget.

Need Help Managing Your Google Ad Campaign?

Google advertising has a lot of details and small changes that can have a big effect on your jewelry store's success (or lack of it). It's not something you can simply learn overnight. That's why countless jewelry stores trust GemFind Digital Solutions to help them properly manage their Google Advertising accounts and campaigns while delivering impressive return on investment.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our dedicated Digital Marketing management services for your jewelry store. We'll provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to share your options and work together to formulate and launch a plan that perfectly captures your brand and your unique selling proposition. Let's talk!

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