How to Create an Engaging Social Media Platform For Jewelry Stores

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Selling jewelry online isn’t just about having an amazing storefront (although to be sure, that definitely helps!). It’s also about writing social media posts across the platforms where your users are most likely to be. Now, simply writing a great article or blog post on your jewelry store site and sharing it on social media isn’t going to be enough to really stir up discussion among your followers and fans.

What will, however, is when you use that platform to engage with them and invite comments, feedback and open communication. So how can you do it? Let’s take a closer look:

Inspiration and Motivation

Who couldn’t use a little  #MondayMotivation? Hashtags can be a great way to attract users across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Using motivation as an example, you could tie the concept to your jewelry store website by reminding users that even “diamonds in the rough” still shine, or to find the joy in every “facet” that makes them unique. Remind followers and friends to get out there and tackle the day with a smile -- and don’t forget to “sparkle”! A creative and motivating caption along with a beautiful photo of one of your products is a great place to start in this highly competitive space of social media.

Jewelry websites are also uniquely positioned to take advantage of highly visual and inspirational images. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the beauty of a piece of personalized jewelry with a memorable or inspirational quote made just for them? This is your opportunity to step up and showcase gorgeous photos from your collections on your website and encourage viewers to tag their friends, family or anyone who might love such a unique gift!

Be The Conversation Starter

In order to use your jewelry business as an effective social media platform, you have to be social!  And to do that, look for ways to be the conversation starter. For example, you could ask the simple question of, “what’s the most beautiful gift you ever received?” to your followers. Be prepared for memorable, heartfelt and meaningful stories.

Their answers may not necessarily be about jewelry, but that’s okay - because you want to get the conversation started. Many proud parents and grandparents will certainly tout their children and grandchildren as one of their greatest gifts, which can create the perfect opportunity in a follow-up post for you to share some beautiful and remarkable pieces of jewelry that evoke the happiness of parenthood or being grandparents.

The important thing is that you look for ways to foster the conversation without being overly "salesy". Don’t use every reply as an opportunity to push people to your website. Instead, enjoy the conversation and building upon that relationship over time.

Show a Look Behind the Scenes

People love getting an inside look at just about any process or technique. What can you show them that’s unique about your online jewelry collections? For example, how are the pieces engraved? Where do the pearls come from? How is a custom engagement ring designed from start to finish?

As you can see, you have a wide variety of ways that you can go into greater detail plus show users a bit more about your business and the quality that you put into the work that you do.It also helps you stand out from the many other “me too” sellers out there who simply put up an online jewelry store and hope for the best. Remember, you’re not just selling jewelry, you’re creating connections with people who are looking for a beautiful way to celebrate a treasured moment in their life, or who simply want to look their best!

Client Testimonials

Let your clients share their stories! An engagement, anniversary, birthday, milestone celebration...all of the wonderful times clients come to your store-- celebrate them on social media as well. Often times, clients will have professional engagement shots they would be happy to share with you to post and share their story. Have your sales associates ask clients when appropriate if they would like to be featured on your social channels. There is nothing like bringing a client experience at your store to life for others!

Add Urgency and Excitement

Nothing gets the needle moving on jewelry store website sales quite like adding a dash of urgency or excitement. If you’ve got a sale coming up on a certain collection or style, let people know that there are only a few pieces left, or that orders for custom creations are filling up fast. This is particularly important around holidays or events where jewelry is often a focus - like weddings, graduations, mother’s day, Christmas and much more.

Showcasing the collection with “power words” that evoke urgency like “last chance!” “ending soon!” and “limited supply” will definitely get people talking, tagging and sharing with each other.

Focus on the Reader

One of the best ways to engage your readers on different social media platforms is through simple use of language. By using more “you”and “your” and less “I/we” when writing, you’ll help naturally shift their focus to want to converse more, leave comments, like and share. It’s a small step that can nevertheless have a ripple-effect over time.

Appeal to Their Imaginations

Finally, one of the best steps you can take to create an engaging social media platform for your online jewelry store is to speak to your customers’ and prospects’ imaginations. Vivid images of beautiful jewelry, coupled with unique stories to help paint a picture in their minds’ eye, can be the perfect segue into inviting users to visit your site to see and learn even more.


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