Benefits of Choosing Shopify for Your Jewelry Store's Website Platform

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Open source website platforms offer a number of concrete benefits and advantages for owners of online jewelry stores. Shopify, in particular, leads the pack among the best open source website and e-commerce platforms for several reasons. If you’re looking to launch or re-launch your online jewelry store, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the many benefits that Shopify offers. 

Let’s take a closer look: 


GemFind Digital Solutions is the only Shopify partner specifically serving the jewelry industry and has multiple apps in the Shopify App store for jewelers. Once you see just how fast-loading and beautiful those Shopify pages are, you’ll wonder why you ever considered any other solution. That’s because everything about Shopify is built to excel. 

From hundreds of app integrations with the tools you already use, know and love, to the flexibility and ease of use, Shopify offers a powerful, all-inclusive platform to make launching an e-commerce site easy and straightforward.

Payment Processing Made Easy

Shopify also makes one of the most cumbersome aspects of running an online store easy and hassle-free:  the payments. Part of your success as an online merchant hinges securely on the number of payment methods you accept, and the simplicity of the checkout process for your users. 

E-Commerce that Grows With You! 

Another key benefit of choosing Shopify as your jewelry website platform of choice is that it’s scalable -- meaning it can grow with you as your business grows. Shopify isn’t just for small businesses, but businesses that have their sights set even higher. 

With the ability to process thousands of transactions a minute and host several thousand shoppers concurrently, you can make sale announcements with confidence and know that the platform will be ready to grow with you on-demand. For this and its many easy-to-use integrations, Shopify is a top choice for many e-commerce businesses, large and small. 

Open Source: The Secret Sauce for Success

One of the main reasons why Shopify is so popular among business owners is the fact that it’s open source. This means that the underlying code that makes Shopify run is available to any and all developers, designers and programmers. 

This, in turn has led to the building of a thriving community that’s continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the platform. Having “more eyes on the code” also leads to a more secure, robust and innovative system overall. Open source systems, in comparison to their more closed and proprietary counterparts, have a larger community of enthusiasts creating a variety of plugins and add-ons to give the platform even more value. 

And as a Shopify partner, we’re proud to be a part of this by helping online jewelry store websites expand their offerings using proven apps and tools built by experts with years of experience in the jewelry industry.

Shopify Apps for Jewelers

This year, GemFind has developed four apps for Shopify that are helping jewelry store's across the country expand their online presence and e-commerce business. JewelCloud, our cloud based vendor data app, connects jewelers to their approved jewelry designer's current assortment of inventory. This allows jewelers to always showcase the best and most current assortment from their vendors. DiamondLink and RingBuilder apps, connect jewelers to diamond suppliers both natural and lab grown, and offers innovative diamond search and ring design technology. Lastly, our Stuller Shopping Cart App, developed with Stuller, allows approved retailer's to drop ship from Stuller and provide a seamless shopping experience on their Shopify websites.

Why Work with a Shopify Partner? 

Thanks to our proficiency in developing sites on this platform that are mobile-responsive and fast-loading, many of our online jewelry store customers remark that choosing to build with us on the Shopify platform was one of the best decisions they could have made for their business.

Take a look at a few newly launched Shopify sites by GemFind:

What’s more, at GemFind Digital Solutions, we are the only jewelry industry digital agency that has developed on this comprehensive e-commerce platform. In addition, we’re currently in the process of having our award-winning apps integrated with Shopify, so that online jewelry store owners can enjoy the best of all possible worlds with built-in Shopify and GemFind-partner tools that allow your shoppers to enjoy a greater overall customer experience with you. Our team is also here to help and assist every step of they way in your Shopify website development.

By choosing us as your digital agency of choice, you’ll not only benefit from a team that understands all aspects of the Shopify open source system, but who has actively contributed to making it easy for jewelry stores to grow and scale their businesses using Shopify.

We invite you to learn more about our Shopify e-commerce development services for the jewelry industry, and contact us if you’re interested in launching or re-launching your jewelry store on the Shopify platform. 

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