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How to Sell Jewelry to a Millennial

How to Target the 2040 Market 

We all know that millennials are currently the hottest market to target. They have become the greatest group of consumers, and therefore, are crucial in helping the jewelry industry...

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Top 5 Digital Marketing and Sales Trends in the Jewelry Industry

 Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has become an essential part in marketing, especially for the jewelry industry. Although most customers will take the time to visit the store, they still want to have an idea of what they want (or in...

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She Browses and He Buys: Bridal Personas and How to Sell Them Jewelry

Selling jewelry takes knowledge about who your customers are and what they're looking for, whether it be for collectibles or women's wedding rings. You can learn quite a bit about your target market by dividing it into different personas,...

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5 Ways to Increase Store Traffic This Fall

How Can You Increase Store Traffic?

There has recently been a growing anxiety within the retail industry with lack of in-store traffic and slowing sales. The anxiety is real, and in many respects, it is justified. Bridal e-commerce sites such as The...

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