What is Off-Page SEO & How Does it Help Increase Visibility For Jewelry Websites?

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off page search engine optimization

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for jewelers who want to rank at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) such as Google. Off-page optimization refers to all SEO techniques which do not require editing your website.

With that being said, many jewelers may not be familiar with off-page SEO and why it can effectively help their websites gain more visibility online. Thankfully, we’ll be delving into this topic to help jewelers gain a better understanding.

What Does Off-Page SEO Entail?

In order to grasp off-page SEO it’s important to understand how it differs from “on-page” optimizations. Examples of on-page SEO would be:

  • well written articles
  • researched keyword 
  • Meta tags/descriptions
  • simple, easy site navigation
  • internal links to related articles
  • alt tags and heading tags
  • Site-maps

Most off-page SEO tactics have two benefits – improving the page position in search engines and directing traffic which comes through created backlinks.

There’s a common consensus amongst SEO professionals that as much as 70% of website optimization actually takes place off the page, with Google and the other major search engines largely determining the importance of sites based on links from external sites. External links give authority to a website, meaning that it makes the website trustworthy for search engines to suggest it to their users. Therefore, making Inbound link / external links a jewelry store’s greatest asset to elevate their page ranking status because they elevate your relevance / authority level with the search engines.

Remember that Google is committed to bringing the most relevant listing to their users with each search.

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How Building Authority Can Help Increase Your Site’s Visibility

Websites with the most relevance / authority are ranked above those who are perceived to be less relevant to that particular search.

As such, external links help to give you the valuable authority your website needs to ascend and stay at the top of the rankings. With all of that said, gathering relevant external links is not a simple process and depends heavily on the strength of your on-page content. This is why jewelers often choose to partner with a digital marketing team, such as GemFind, to help build proper backlinks efficiently. Contact us today about our SEO packages to get started!

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