How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Hub

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If you’re looking to sell jewelry online or trying to increase local awareness of your jewelry store in order to boost foot traffic, your success (or failure) will rely heavily on your website. Unfortunately, most business owners approach the website design process the wrong way. 

Instead of thinking of your website as a showcase of how you can solve the problems of your current and future customers -- and conceiving a design that perfectly accommodates this vision -- jewelry store owners tend to put a strong emphasis on factors that likely won’t make a difference when it comes to getting relevant traffic onto their site. Simply building a website that looks pretty while being over saturated with unnecessary content (such as the entire history of your business or bios of every staff member) is no longer the way to attract new customers online. 

With search engines like Google and countless business review sites being so accessible, today’s consumer is fully aware of the options they have when it comes to who they choose to do business with. This means jewelry store owners need to meticulously build their websites to not only address the unique and common issues their customers face, but also provide clear solutions to these problems. Doing so is the ideal way to transform your website into a hub for lead generation. 

Designing Purposeful Web Pages

It should go without saying, but each web page within your sitemap should have a clear purpose and goal. Whether your goal is to collect visitor’s emails and contact information or to book appointments directly through your site, you should be building pages with clear call-to-actions.

In other words, you want to avoid building pages just for the sake of having them on your site. For example, your about page shouldn’t simply contain your business’ back story but it should also clearly illustrate what separates your business from the rest. Mentioning a value proposition throughout the page that speaks directly to your target audience’s pain points will go a long way in turning them into customers. 

In addition to ensuring your pages are set up to fulfill clear call-to-actions, you should also pay attention to what your users are looking for in terms of a jewelry store and build additional pages that answer these demands. For instance, if your target audience is looking for custom engagement rings, and this is something you offer, you want to create a page that talks about this topic while clearly illustrating why the user should choose your store over the competitors. Perhaps your store has better technology to bring custom rings to life more efficiently, or maybe you offer custom jewelry at a better price than the rest. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to drive this point home on this page. What’s more, these individual pages should focus on a main keyword and include images, internal links, and video content to increase your SEO authority on the subject. 

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Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

While in the past, stuffing your web pages with a plethora of bloated content that is full of keywords was considered a best practice, this is no longer the case. In fact, search engines like Google will penalize web pages that mindlessly scatter keywords.

Beyond this, though, bloated content simply doesn’t make for a good user experience and will likely cause traffic to quickly exit your web pages. Instead, you should ensure on-page content is crafted purposefully to help sell the key points you’re trying to make on each page. Keywords should be relevant to the page’s topic, and be inserted only where necessary.

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Ensuring Each Page has the Proper Flow

As we previously mentioned, some business owners insist on placing unnecessary content and design elements throughout their web pages. Bulky sliders, unresponsive image galleries, and irrelevant text are all ways to disrupt a web page’s flow and diminish the user experience.

Instead, each page on your website should boast a clean and balanced design that is easy to navigate. Pages should be split into separate sections that easily guide your users from top to bottom with call-to-action buttons in each section to give them more opportunities to convert. 

Keep in mind, your web pages’ flow will differ depending on the type of device your traffic is using. This is why you should ensure each page is built to be responsive and fit any screen -- from a smart phone and tablet to a desktop monitor -- in order to provide the best user experience possible. 

According to a recent study by Google, 51% of time spent online in the US is on mobile devices and 40% of people search online solely using a mobile device. With this in mind, it would be good practice to ensure your website is properly built for mobile devices. 

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Driving Traffic to Your Web Pages

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are many avenues you can choose to take. However, not all are created equal, and you should focus on those that best serve your target audience. 

For example: if you’re targeting local customers who are looking for wholesale loose diamonds, then you should consider running Google Ad search campaigns. On the other hand, if you’re simply trying to increase brand awareness for your jewelry store, then you might find it useful to run a campaign on Facebook or Instagram that speaks to your value proposition rather than promoting a singular product or list of products. 

Keep in mind, partnering with a digital marketing agency -- like GemFind -- who has experience in the jewelry industry is the best way to ensure traffic is driven properly and efficiently. See our lead generation packages here to learn more.



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