Ways to Improve the Online Presence of Your Jewelry Store

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Setting up a jewelry website is exciting, but how do you attract new customers? Key building blocks include search engine optimization (SEO) and using industry specific tools to modernize your website and provide a seamless user experience. Here are some strategies you can implement to help increase your online presence.

Tapping Into SEO Magic

Getting a high-rank on Google can seem daunting and sometimes impossible, but with expert guidance and assistance it can be (almost) easy to increase your Google ranking. SEO is all about content. By using keywords, and sometimes phrases, connected to your brand/product in webpage content you can increase your ranking fairly quickly. Here are some extra tips to get you started:

  • create content and titles based on niche keywords
  • publish a blog that showcases your industry expertise
  • design a unique and aesthetically pleasing site 
  • swap links with relevant sites

Although Google keeps its search ranking criteria a secret, the search engine giant has consistently advised users to craft meaningful content. It is important to avoid fluff, since search bots may consider it irrelevant. You should also avoid content duplication of other sites, or Google might penalize it as web spam. The most crucial factor to increase online presence in search engines is to establish yourself as an authoritative thought leader, which is what Google seeks to promote in its rankings.

Aside from SEO, you can increase online presence, traffic and conversions through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and other forms of marketing. Sharing links to your jewelry site through social media is very advantageous. Cross promoting other industry leaders in your blogs can help both parties.

Engagement Tools

Using engagement tools on your website will give your website a unique look and make it easy to navigate for customers. GemFind has the expertise and experience to increase your online presence using a variety of tools, like JewelCloud®, which are designed specifically for online jewelers. JewelCloud allows you to easily manage your online jewelry products, inventory and interaction with both suppliers and customers. Another great tool is RingBuilder®, which allows individuals to easily design and customize their own engagement rings. Using tools like these not only increases the user experience for customers, but also help your website stand apart from competitors. 


Your website can see increased traffic and conversions through strategic SEO techniques and web tools that enhance your customer experience and establish you as an industry expert. Learn more how GemFind can help you build an optimized website and increase online presence through digital marketing and responsive jewelry store tools.


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