Top 5 Qualities To Look For in A Digital Agency For Your Jewelry Store

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When it comes to digital marketing for your jewelry store, you have no shortage of search engine specialists, paid ad managers, web designers and developers all looking to earn your business.

But what should you really look for before you decide? We’ve got a breakdown of the five most important qualities to keep in mind when choosing a digital agency for your jewelry store.

Choose Your Website Platform Wisely

Oftentimes, in an attempt to rope you into paying exorbitant pricing, some jewelry store marketing companies will convince you to use their proprietary platform over open source platforms and it is important to know the difference as a business owner. This may seem fine on the surface, because you obviously wouldn’t want to switch companies after investing so much to get up and running, right?

The problem though, is that proprietary platforms are just that, proprietary. That can mean slow service, technical errors, weird glitches and unsatisfied customers. And if you ever want to switch hosting companies? Your investment in your website is more or less gone. With proprietary platforms, you are in fact renting your website. If you'd like to have more growth, freedom, and ownership of your website, it is best to explore open source platforms that can grow as your business grows and evolves.

At GemFind, we specialize in open source platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. This ensures that the website we build for our client remains solely in their ownership. With the advanced functionality and e-commerce growth that Shopify offers, we are able to build and manage the client's website based on what is best for their business model, as it is not one size fits all. Our clients like this flexibility and transparency and the fact that their website remains theirs – always!

Access to Jewelry Vendor Data

Trying to find and access vendor data to help you sell jewelry online is tedious and time consuming simply because it’s difficult to find all of the information you need, all in one place. At GemFind, through our one-of-a-kind JewelCloud platform, you can access top jewelry vendor's current product assortments, marketing images, and much more from top-rated vendors across multiple well-known jewelry brands, saving you hours of time.

Quality and Efficiency of Support

Customer service is one of those things that you can’t judge until you need it and when (not if) that happens, you want to be sure you’re working with a company that understands the needs of jewelry store owners and has not only a proven track record of years of dedicated support, but five-star ratings that act as a testament to their quality and speed.

Here at GemFind, we offer support 24 hours a day, although most issues are resolved much sooner than that. If something happens with your jewelry store website, who can you count on to have your back when you have a question or need a little extra help? When exploring digital agencies it is best to know their support turn around time and how quickly issues are resolved. 

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization

A jewelry store website isn’t a one and done thing. These days you have to keep up with what customers are looking for; with a finger on the pulse of new jewelry trends, exciting new releases, VIP events and more. With all of that in mind, are the pages of your website properly optimized to attract search engines and bring you visitors that are looking for those trends and events? 

At GemFind, we have decades of experience optimizing jewelry store websites for search engines using only the best practices and techniques to ensure your business gets found. Everything we do is optimized around selling jewelry, and our clients often rank at or near the top of organic search rankings as a result of working with us. Knowing how seasoned the digital marketing team is and if they only work in the jewelry industry is also very important for your SEO optimization.

Apps Designed to Help You Sell More

Last but certainly not least are the tools that are designed to help you sell more jewelry. Just building a website and optimizing it for the search engines is a solid start, but what if you could do so much more? What if you could give your users the ultimate selection of diamonds beyond those available from your store? What if you could let them design and build their own engagement ring? What if you could help them try on your jewelry no matter where they’re physically located? Our DiamondLink and RingBuilder tools are used by jewelers all over the country to assist in selling more diamonds and engagement rings!

At GemFind, our specially designed apps can do all of these things and much more, allowing you to take your jewelry website marketing even further than you ever thought possible. With these top items to consider when choosing a digital agency to work with, you should be well equipped to make the best decision for your jewelry store's digital footprint and growth.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive jewelry store marketing services and how we can help you promote your business with confidence!

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