Social Media Best Practices for Jewelry Retailers

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When it comes to selling jewelry online, it's important to consider not only how the customer shops, but also where. Jewelry can be difficult for potential customers to conceptualize. Seeing a beautiful necklace on a white background doesn't necessarily mean that the necklace will look good when you try it on. That makes them hesitate -- but as a jewelry retailer, there are several things that you can do to help bring your selection to them digitally over social media.  

Make Use of Interactive Features

Features like live chat and user generated content such as reviews can go far in giving a prospective customer a better idea of what a particular piece is like. And should they have any questions, they can always reach out to a trusted expert and get answers quickly. 

A great way for jewelry retailers to create excitement on social media is to host live events, such as a virtual jewelry exhibition on Instagram or Facebook live and in the process, generating tons of comments and people tagging their friends and loved ones. 

Craft Long-Tail Content

Long-tail content is content that is written for both users and search engines, about a very specific topic. For example, "how to clean platinum earrings". If you want to highlight your more expensive pieces, leverage content such as videos showcasing the piece at cocktail parties or galas, as well as any celebrity or designer endorsements to add a feeling of greater luxury and sophistication. 

Long-tail content can take a wide range of forms, including video, articles, guides, infographics and much more. Don't just limit yourself to blog posts! When you're hosting your online event, make sure that customers are also aware of your guide or freebie so that you can continue to funnel them to your site to buy and learn more long after the event ends. 

Make Ample Use of Gift Guides

Gift guides are a fantastic way for jewelry retailers to encourage users on social media to buy. Because let's face it, the average person is definitely out of their element when it comes to buying jewelry, and they need your advice! 

Gift guides don't have to be just centered around specific holidays like Valentine's or Christmas. They can be centered around the personality of the person that's being shopped for as well. For example, a guide to statement pieces for social butterflies that are sure to generate conversation, or a top ten jewelry pieces for the artist's soul. The possibilities are endless! 

Don't Forget to Personalize

And by personalize, we don't mean just inserting a [firstname] in an email. On social media, you can personalize based on ads viewed, terms searched and more. A great way to learn what your users are searching for? Implementing a "jewelry style quiz" that will segment users based on their interests and buying habits can be a source of excellent information that you can then leverage in your own social media ad campaigns. 

Putting the Social Back in Social Media

Don't forget that social media is by its very nature open and talkative. With their permission, share customer photos wearing your jewelry and post more images of real people wearing the pieces as opposed to models or celebrities.  Ask for feedback, ideas and suggestions on what videos you should create next. Some of your best -performing content may very well come from an idea that a user has submitted! 

Stay True to Your Brand

And last but not least, it's important to stay true to your brand. Social media best practices for jewelry retailers means creating a lot of different content. But through it all, don't forget about your core values and what makes customers seek out your jewelry store as opposed to the competition. Make sure that this sense of style, aesthetic and personality is communicated through every piece of content you create for social media and beyond.

And if you need a hand formulating a winning social media strategy, why not reach out to the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions? With over 20 years of experience working alongside jewelry stores large and small, we have the expertise and know-how to help you gain greater visibility on social media while connecting to an eager, engaged audience that can't wait to hear from you! Contact us today for more information!

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