Motivating Your Customers with Urgency in your Marketing

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                                                    Motivating Your Customers with Urgency in your Marketing

One of the most effective ways to drive customers into your store quickly is to create a sense of urgency in your marketing. Urgency is not necessarily just promoting a limited time or limited stock, but it is more about generating the sense of need from your customers.

In order to get customers to feel that they must urgently come to your business, you need to convince them that they need to come right now.

Here are some ways to build urgency within your marketing.

1. Language: Wording is essential when it comes to marketing. Using urgent words can motivate customers to visit your business right away. Urgent words include: “Don’t miss out,” “before it’s gone,” “last chance,” “now,” hurry,” and even “one time only.”

2. What you are advertising is attractive: If you are marketing a product that is not appealing to customers, it is harder to convince them to come in and see you. Remember that urgency is building the feeling of needing a product now, not creating a desire for the product.

3. Numbers: The use of numbers in marketing is more attention grabbing since customers will look to see what a cost or discount is. An example of this is “For 2 Days Only” or “20% off your purchase today only.” It is harder to ignore numbers when mixed into your advertising.

4. Watch the colors: Using the right colors can also build urgency for your customers. Cool colors, such as green and blue, are calming and will not build a kind of urgency to drive customers to you. Instead, warmer colors, such as red and orange, naturally will build impatience and anxiety to come to your store.

5. Countdown timers: For online marketing, you can have a countdown timer either on your landing page or even one that starts when a customer adds an item to an online shopping cart. The customer will then feel a sense of urgency and the need to close the sale immediately. To prepare for if the timer times out and the customer has yet to check out, use our abandoned cart recovery tips to encourage them to complete the purchase.

For help in developing your marketing plans and building a sense of urgency for your customers, contact the experts at GemFind. Our marketing team can help take your digital marketing plan to the next level.

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