4 Tips to Increase Your Jewelry Store's Local Visibility on Google

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Here at GemFind, we’re never surprised when a jeweler tells us they feel lost when it comes to local SEO. After all, the process for boosting your website’s visibility on Google can be quite complex, and sometimes jewelers find it next to impossible to create a solid SEO strategy. 

The benefits, however, of becoming more prominent on Google’s search engine results pages are undeniable. Not only will this lead to more traffic to your website, but it makes your business accessible to a local relevant audience that is likely to be interested in your products. What’s more? Local traffic finding your website means you’re more than likely to receive in-store traffic. In a recent study conducted by Google, 72% of consumers who performed a local search visited a store within five miles of their location.

With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that taking the necessary steps to increase the prominence of your website on Google would be a smart endeavour. Luckily, we’re here to help you with a few local SEO best practices used by the experts:

#1 - On-Page Optimization

When it comes to ensuring your website is following best practices for SEO, it’s important to start with your on-page content. Why? Keyword-rich content is everything when it comes to search engine optimization; Google especially identifies web pages with relevant content as authoritative.

This is why jewelers should focus on identifying a list of target keywords and creating web pages that cover these keywords extensively. For example, if one of your target keywords was “custom engagement rings in Los Angeles”, you should create a page with this term as the title and mention it throughout the page. 

Alternatively, if your goal is to attract local consumers into your store, then you should create a comprehensive location page. This web page should include your store’s address, phone number, and an embedded Google map. Additionally, you should cover your value proposition to inform customers why they should choose your jewelry store over your competitors. 

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 #2 - Local Citations

Citations are off-page listings for your website. Think sites like Google My Business, Yelp, or YellowPages. These local web pages help build credibility for your business and give credence to the fact that you’re an actual business with a brick and mortar location. 

These also give users an opportunity to check your business’ reviews, which plays an integral role in not only boosting your likelihood of netting future customers, but it also helps increase your search engine visibility on Google. Unfortunately, most jewelry stores fail to create enough citations or will include incorrect information (such as the wrong address, phone number or business name), which can have a negative effect on your local visibility. 

This is why you should ensure you’re creating enough local business listings and using the exact same contact information across each listing. You should also ensure your Google My Business is up to date with fresh photos of your store’s interior and exterior. 

 #3 - Link Building

Google is much like a popularity contest. The search engine will award your web pages with higher rankings if they think you’re relevant for any particular topic. While getting traffic to your pages is one way to tell Google’s bots you’re site is authoritative, link building is important as well. But, what is link building?

It’s simple; a relevant site that is not a direct competitor of your jewelry store includes a link to your site somewhere on their own. This is typically done through a blog post. Unfortunately, building links from quality websites -- which is what Google wants -- is a difficult endeavor, which is why you should seek the help of a digital marketing team with the right process and resources to ensure your links are coming from the proper URLs. 

 #4 - Google Ads

While not an organic SEO strategy, Google Ads are a great way to ensure your business stays at the top of search engine results pages.

At GemFind, we also recommend doing Google Maps ads, which will make sure your local listing (including your contact information and Google reviews) are at the first 2 positions whenever a local user searches for a relevant keyword in Google Maps. 

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How GemFind Can Help

We’ve helped hundreds of jewelers gain more visibility on Google with proven search engine optimization strategies. If you’re struggling to show up on search results pages, and want to effectively boost your presence on Google, partnering with GemFind is your solution. 

We will thoroughly assess and analyze your store’s website; pinpointing any SEO issues that could be causing you to lose visibility on Google. Once this has been done, we then research your local competitors to figure out what keywords you’re competing for and identify your target search terms to build a comprehensive SEO strategy that works.


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