How to Use GemFind's Diamond Apps to Increase Your Engagement Ring Sales

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If you are interested in increasing your engagement ring sales in tandem with your in-store shopping experience, there are advanced apps available to jewelers through GemFind Digital Solutions! Making it easy to browse diamonds and design a ring online is a great introduction for online browsers to the entire process of finding the perfect ring or diamond setting. With intuitive apps like DiamondLink and RingBuilder, it’s easier than ever to help your clients design and buy the perfect engagement ring.. Here’s how they work: 

What is DiamondLink?

For over 20 years, DiamondLink has set the gold standard in jewelry store virtual diamond search.  With it, jewelers can source and showcase diamonds from select U.S. diamond suppliers directly on their website. 

Through DiamondLink, you can easily manage your mark-up and other options, as well as add video and images that are already in the system. You also have the option of connecting to Idex, Polygon, Rapnet and JewelCloud for even more selection, truly giving your customers the best of all possible worlds when searching for the perfect diamond for their engagement ring needs.

With both natural and lab grown diamonds available on the platform, DiamondLink continues to be the diamond search of choice for jewelers to connect with top diamond suppliers and new lab grown diamond creators.

How Does It Work?

Both diamond vendors and jewelers benefit from DiamondLink. Jewelers can show a large selection of diamonds, fully searchable and able to be filtered by key factors including cut, carat, clarity and cost. On the backend, see detailed analytics on customer searches and clicks and determine which items are drawing the most customer interest. Keep a finger on the pulse of diamond engagement ring trends, specific cuts and in-demand designs. 

DiamondLink is also built to be seamlessly integrated within your website, and incredibly easy to use. Inventory management and pricing are a breeze and the app is mobile responsive, so it loads quickly and looks great on any device. 

The best part is, DiamondLink withs with all major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. SEO benefits are built-in so that your online jewelry store ranks well and keeps clients on-site longer – two key factors that affect how Google and other search engines show your site in the search engine results pages! 

What is RingBuilder?

RingBuilder is an advanced engagement ring design app that lets your customers build their ideal engagement ring easily right within the app. Much more than just a design app, users can choose from a variety of options including: 

  • Stone carat and weight
  • Metal choice
  • Setting choice
  • And much more! 

How Does It Work? 

Through the responsive app, users make a series of selections to build and design their dream engagement ring. Once they’ve perfected their design, they have the option to buy it from you, the jeweler, directly. This greatly increases the lead generation process as the customer has spent time designing their ring and is much more likely to buy it from you as a result. 

In addition, just like DiamondLink, RingBuilder works with Wordpress, Shopify and Magento and can easily be customized to match your website’s look and feel.  You also have the option to include RingBuilder through Facebook and enjoy full social media integration. You can also use GemFind's Virtual Try On feature with RingBuilder which gives potential clients and website visitors a real-time jewelry trying on experience! A great way to funnel users to your website to buy when they’re looking for engagement ring recommendations!

Get Started Today with DiamondLink and RingBuilder

As a leader in jewelry store website and e-commerce design for over 20 years, the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions are invested in your success. Through our development of apps like DiamondLink and RingBuilder, we continually look for ways to make the jewelry purchasing process easy and seamless, helping jewelry stores like you to increase your profits and retain more customers.

We’d love to show you more about how DiamondLink and RingBuilder can help you sell more in store and online! Contact us today to discover the many options available to you!

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