How to use Digital Marketing to Appeal to Millennials

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The Millennial Generation, sometimes referred to as Generation Y, is defined as anyone born between the years of 1980 and 2000. As millennials have now become a major consumer in the jewelry market as well as other industries, it is important that all businesses take them into consideration within marketing campaigns.

Millennials are completely immersed within the digital world, whether it is social media, email, or even text messaging. In order for businesses to better reach this target market, they have to ensure that their digital marketing campaigns are en pointe.

1. Appeal to their values: One of the best ways to attract millennial customers is to show that you embrace their values. On the whole, Millennials are often more attracted to marketing that promotes the environment and is still cost effective. Conflict-free diamonds are also a consideration that can draw in more Millennial customers. If your business has conflict-free or lab simulated diamonds, building a digital marketing campaign around them could draw in more customers within the millennial age group. You can read our post “How to Sell Jewelry to a Millennial” for more information.

2. Use the right channels: Most millennials hesitate before answering the phone to an unknown number. Mailed advertisements are often thrown in the garbage unread. If you want to reach millennials, you need to use social media marketing to begin with. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are excellent ways to communicate with your target audience. Our post on selling jewelry through Instagram can help you delve into this means of advertising.

3. Make posts appropriate and applicable: Marketing to millennials is often a combination of authenticity and trust. It is easy to scroll past a post, but if it is something that seems more personal, your customer will be more inclined to read more about it, helping put your business in the front of his or her mind.

4. Consider the “on demand” mentality: Since millennials have grown up with technology, they have a kind of on demand mentality. They expect to be able to find things quickly using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Your digital marketing campaign will need to engage with them on all platforms.

Marketing to millennials does not need to be overwhelming. At GemFind, we know where millennials are, we know what is important to them, and we know how to create a digital marketing campaign that will succeed in appealing to them. Call us today to help jumpstart your jewelry business’s digital marketing campaign.

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