How to Rank in “Jewelry stores near me” Searches

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The majority of consumers, including the millennial generation, will use a search engine online to find a jewelry store, rather than using the phone book. This is a quick and effective way to find businesses nearby, but it will not include all businesses nearby. How can you get your business to rank in a search for “jewelry stores near me?”

1) Update your Google My Business Listing: The first thing that you should do is to make sure that your Google My Business listing is current. GMB is a free service where Google allows you to post your business’s information, including your name, hours, location, and phone number, so that it pops up in search results. Verifying your business’s information will automatically make you rank better. Check out our article “Google My Business Basics” for more tips on using this service.

2) How is your Website? Search engines, like Google, will be pulling information from your website to put in search results. Your website needs to have your information, including your address, easy to see and to find, allowing Google to pull the information and deliver it to potential customers looking for a jewelry business nearby.

3) Is your Website Mobile Friendly? The majority of millennials use smartphones and will be looking at your business through their smartphone. If your website is not mobile friendly, not only will they leave your website without giving it a chance, but Google is also not going to place you high in search results. We go into more detail on appealing to millennials in our post “How to use Digital Marketing to Appeal to Millennials.”

4) Can Customers see your Reviews? Google allows users to review businesses in a one to five star ranking. The more reviews you have, the more likely your listing will pop up. Ideally, you would have mostly positive reviews, so make sure your customer service is doing well before asking customers to give you a review. Then if you respond as a business to the reviews, your listing will also rank higher.

5) What to do if you have Multiple Locations: If you have more than one storefront, you might be concerned that you will not show up in local search results. To combat this, make sure that your website has a webpage for each location, including the address. This will allow each location to appear in the search results.


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