How to Optimize Your Local SEO For Your Jewelry Business

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For local jewelry businesses, SEO, or search engine optimization to attract local visitors to their store and website is crucial. Done right, you can enjoy a steady stream of new and returning customers, eager to discover your selection and make a purchase. Done wrong, you could be overshadowed by bigger competitors with massive ad budgets and bottomless pockets.

Local SEO is one of the areas where smaller, more customer-centric jewelry stores can have a decisive edge over their larger counterparts. So how do you optimize for local traffic? Let’s jump right in:

Leverage Google My Business

When it comes to finding local businesses, Google My Business is where it's at. You’ll want to create and verify your Google My Business page and use Google posts to further cement your local listing. When local customers make a purchase, encourage them to leave reviews through Google.

When you respond to reviews, make sure to mention your city and state. For example, “We’re so glad to hear you were delighted with our jewelry repair service in Houston, Texas. We look forward to continuing to serve you!” 

One of the most important ways that you can grow your jewelry store on Google My Business isn’t just to set up a business page on Google and then forget about it. Keep things like your operating hours up-to-date, because you can bet local customers will be searching for opening and closing times as well as local reviews, and you want Google’s information about your jewelry store to be the first thing they see.

Make Sure Your Contact Information is Consistent

Along the same lines of paying attention to your Google My Business listing, you should also make sure that your contact information is consistent across all of your social media accounts and anywhere else customers can find you online. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a number that’s no longer in service (or now belongs to someone else), or otherwise trying to reach your business and not being able to!

Link Within Your Content

In addition to optimizing your local listing for Google, you also want to optimize your actual jewelry store website as well. This means linking within your content. That means if you mention the best diamond engagement rings, that you link to specific collections on your product pages, or jewelry gift ideas for mother’s day, and so on. Interlinking your content not only helps Google find more of your pages, but also further demonstrates that you have valuable information to share and you want customers to find it! 

Optimize Your Meta Tags

ta tags were one of the first ways that search engines learned to categorize content. And although search engines have come a long way, they still use meta tags in order to give visitors an idea of what the site is about. Make sure to optimize your site’s title, keywords and description on each page to bring in visitors who are searching for particular products or sizes.

Create Local Content

Above all, participate in the local community. Create content that appeals to local audiences and become a presence in your area. This may have nothing to do with search engines per se, but it does a lot to help boost community spirit and togetherness and can be a great way to encourage more locals to visit your jewelry store!

And if you need help creating your marketing strategy or optimizing your local SEO, count on the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions! We’ve been helping online jewelry stores for over 20 years with proven marketing, website design, SEO strategy and more, and we can help you too! Contact us to learn more!

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