How to Leverage Google Reviews for Your Jewelry Store

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Google Reviews are an excellent way for jewelry stores, both online and offline to build their credibility and reputation with prospective shoppers. Although many jewelry store owners know the convincing power of reviews, few know how to use these types of reviews to further promote and grow their business. Here’s how you can leverage your Google Reviews to get more foot traffic in store as well as more traffic online. 

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews on Google

It might seem like common sense but simply including a link to your Google My Business page through your website, email signature and social media to help encourage current and previous customers to leave a review can do wonders for your growth. You can even provide some incentives in the form of discounts or freebies to spur customers to leave a review. 

But simply getting more reviews won’t be enough to encourage more traffic online and in-store. You also have to demonstrate that your business is interactive and that you value your customers and their feedback. Responding to reviews, both good and bad, can help further boost your authority in the search rankings. 

Respond to the Reviews Customers Leave You

When you respond to both positive and negative reviews, it demonstrates that you value feedback and are willing to work hard to help turn those negatives into positives as well as resolve any outstanding issues that your customers may have. Sometimes the smallest steps taken toward addressing an issue can make the biggest impact into turning customers who’ve left a neutral or negative review, into lifelong brand champions of your jewelry store! 

If you do happen to get a negative review, use it as a growth and learning opportunity. Respond promptly and courteously and offer solutions to help resolve the issue. This demonstrates that you are proactive, rather than reactive, about the review and want to win your customers’ trust and can show potential clients that you’re serious about customer satisfaction. How you respond to a negative may even be more important than how you respond to the positive ones!

Analyze Reviews Using Google My Business Insights

Website analytics aren’t the only thing Google can help you use in order to better understand your customers. Google My Business Insights gives you a wide range of information about your customers’ shopping behaviors and demographics, helping you to formulate new marketing campaign ideas and better understand what your ideal customer is looking for so that you can position your jewelry store to serve them better. 

Use Your Reviews in Your Marketing Material

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that you can, and should, use your Google Reviews in your marketing material. Post some of your most stellar reviews on your social media outlets, in your ads and on your website. This helps give social clout to your offers and can often be the difference between making a sale or not. 

In addition to helping convince more customers to buy from your jewelry store, your Google Reviews stand as a testament to your business strengths. You can include relevant keywords and phrases in the responses that you give to customers who have left a Google Review, thereby improving your search engine optimization ranking.

When dealing with Google Reviews, always be on the lookout for any recurring themes that you notice in the comments left. For example, do customers feel as if you spend adequate time with them helping them to pick out or create a unique piece, or do they feel rushed? Small things like this, even if the review is overwhelmingly positive, can show areas where your jewelry store can be improved.

And if you’re looking for ways to improve your strategy as a whole, count on the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions. Our 20+ years in designing and crafting exquisite jewelry store websites and content strategy for our customers has enabled us to help jewelry stores both large and small enjoy greater profits and greater customer connections through Google Reviews and beyond.

If your jewelry store is looking to use Google Reviews in your marketing or you’re looking to improve your strategy using these and other tools, reach out to the jewelry store marketing experts at GemFind today! 


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