How to Integrate Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

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With the rise of digital marketing, many jewelry retailers have found themselves in a position of questioning whether they should stick with the traditional marketing they have been using or switch to using digital marketing.

Fortunately, you can do both.

In fact, using a combination of both digital and traditional marketing is an effective strategy. If you are not familiar with the pros and cons of traditional versus digital marketing, you should read “Online vs Traditional Marketing” for more information. But how can you do it? Here is what you need to know.

Why Balance is Key

Balance is important when it comes to marketing. It would be detrimental to ignore the importance of digital marketing. Society has moved toward relying on digital communication, be it through email, social media, or text, so it is important to implement digital marketing in your marketing strategies.

That being said, it has been shown that avoiding traditional marketing altogether is also dangerous for a business. Your clientele will be familiar with your typical form of marketing, whether it is television, print, or even radio. If you disappear from your traditional marketing, it could be easy to forget about your brand, as not all clients will be dependent on digital communication for marketing.

How Traditional Marketing Boosts Digital Efforts

You might not have realized it, but traditional marketing can still help your digital marketing efforts. Television ads can use the keywords that you utilize in your digital marketing. Customers who view your ads can type in the keywords in a browser and find you much easier than if they had just attempted to search for your business after an ad.

Keywords can actually be used throughout much of your traditional marketing. Using the same keywords in print will appeal to the customers who rely more on digital marketing, helping them tie your traditional ads back to your digital presence directly.

Keywords that can work for your Business

Keywords are the terms that a potential customer would type into a web browser in order to find your business’s website. There are short keywords, which are only two or three, or long-tailed keywords, which can be complete phrases. Both types are important to have your business be searchable online and should be carried over for use in your traditional marketing.

If you are not sure what keywords would be right for your business, you can look at Wordstream. This website can help identify the keywords that are most appropriate for your business.


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