How to Increase Engagement on your Jewelry Website

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Getting visitors to come to your website is an important endeavor. But once they are there, then what’s next? You need to engage them.

User engagement can help determine whether your website’s visitors are finding value in your website and your business. It can be determined by tracking clicks, shares, comments, and many other activities on your site. So how can you increase it?

What’s the Importance in Engagement?

Tracking your user engagement is important because users who do engage with you are more profitable than those who don’t. This is because they are either sharing your business’s information with others or are more invested in your jewelry business and more likely to make a purchase.

Tips to Increase Engagement

There are many different things that you can do to increase your audience’s engagement on your site.

1. Quality over Quantity: Having your website and its content be memorable is more important than having a lot of lackluster content on a drab website. You want your site’s visitors to be impressed enough by what you have to offer to come back, comment, or tell others about it. If you have a blog on your website, posting several times a week with mediocre blog posts is not going to be nearly as effective as posting one weekly that is excellent.

2. How are your Images?: Having a lot of great images on your website is better than having too many words, especially when it comes to posts on your website. It was reported that articles and posts that have images receive 94 percent more views than those without.

3. Check your Grammar: There is nothing more off-putting on a professional website than finding that there are typos or grammatical inconsistencies. While the language of text messaging and social media has gotten sloppier, you need to keep your website well-constructed and proofread.

4. Your Website’s Speed: We expect websites to load quickly, even on our mobile devices. Your website’s visitors will not have the patience to wait for a site to load. In fact, 40 percent of visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than a second to load.

5. Add a Chat to your Website: What is easier than having customers be able to contact you in real-time from your website? Having a chat box on your page that connects from the customer to you directly is a great way to build engagement. You will need to have someone there to answer during business hours and an away message when your business is closed.

For more help on building more customer engagement on your jewelry website, call the experts at GemFind. Our marketing team can work with you to create a website that is engaging and effective.                                                         

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