How to Get More Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is the best visual social media platform out there. Its popularity has reached unbelievable heights, with 60 million images shared daily from all over the world. Not only is it a great way to show off your products, but it also can help you build an audience as well as your brand. But, like all social media platforms, it doesn’t matter how great the content that you post is if no one sees it. Here are 5 ways you can increase your Instagram followers:

1. Create stunning and interesting images. There are so many options as far as digital photos go that it can be easy to take one with your mobile device and upload it. Instead, make sure the photo is high quality and use appropriate filters to show off the best features of the item shown. You can use various apps or programs like Canva/ Adobe Spark or Photoshop to add text or even animations to really personalize them for your audience. You can also hire a professional photographer to take these pictures for you to ensure they are high quality.

 2. Use topical and relevant hashtags. Hashtags are, simply put, phrases or terms that someone would use in Instagram to search for posts or accounts using those ‘hashtags’. Think of it as a term that you would search in Google. You will find posts similar to what you are searching for, narrowing your search time, and making it easier for your target audience to find your posts. Hashtags are used to keep like-minded people together.

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When you use hashtags that are trending, Instagram users are more likely to find your post, like it, and increase its ranking. The hashtags need to still be relevant to the product or information you are sharing, but should not be so generic that they will get lost in the mix. You can scope out what other businesses in your industry are using to get an idea and then use free services such as to find out whether the hashtag is still relevant.

3. Use more than one hashtag. Having the right amount of hashtags is a judgment call. You should use more than one so the image can be found through multiple avenues, but you do not want so many that there are more hashtags than words.

4. Post when your audience is watching. You can analyze when your target demographic is most likely to be online and make sure you post around that time. Through Instagram polls, it has been shown the best days for new posts are Mondays and Thursdays, with the worst day being Sundays. You can use a social analytics company like GemFind as well to go through your posts to see when they received the most engagement.

 5. Interact with social media influencers. Influencers are people who have made a profession out of being on social media. They know the ins and outs of posting. You can find influencers to work with by searching for brands or keywords related to your industry. You may find influencers that have a large, national following or you can work with smaller, local influencers who can drive local traffic to your business. Interacting with influencers who work in your industry can lead to a valuable advertising channel that targets a new audience of customers for your business.



For further help on improving your jewelry business’s Instagram account, contact GemFind. Our experienced team of digital marketers will analyze your current Instagram feed to help you build a strategy to optimize your page’s performance.


GemFind can also assist you in hiring a professional photographer to take high quality pictures for your social media accounts.




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