How To Effectively Use Email Marketing For Your Jewelry Store

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Email marketing is a fantastic way for jewelry stores both online and offline to attract customers, build loyalty, and increase their brand recognition.

But what really works when it comes to getting more shoppers in the door? 

In our 20+ years of working exclusively with jewelry stores to help them market their businesses to clients, we’ve learned a few things about what drives engagement and purchases. Here’s what we found out, and how to make it work for your own jewelry store: 

Make Customers Feel Welcome

One of the best things you can do to reach more clients with your jewelry store marketing is to make them feel welcome – and not just when they come into your store to browse. Whenever they sign up for your newsletter, create an account or otherwise give you their email address, make them feel just as welcome as you would if they were looking to buy in your store right now.

That means giving them a special limited-time offer available to new subscribers only or a discount code that they can use in-store or online to get a deal like few others get. Not only will this make them feel like a true VIP but it will also encourage more in-store and website visits than if you hadn’t contacted them at all. Also take this opportunity to introduce sales associates and managers by name and providing contact information they can easily reference to reach someone at the store. Using emails to keep the personalized service top notch will keep your store at the forefront of the client's mind.

No Cart Left Behind

Abandoned cart emails are one of the little-known ways to reignite a potential customer’s interest and bring them back to your website to complete their purchase. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they leave their online shopping cart without finalizing their order. This could be for any number of reasons, not just price. 

Whatever the reason, you can bring them back by reminding them about the item and giving them a little discount or another helpful service like free lifetime cleanings to help sweeten the deal! 

Share Exciting New Product News

Since time immemorial, people have loved jewelry and loved showing it off. Online, this takes on a whole new life of its own with people on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other visually-oriented social networks sharing, commenting and tagging their friends.

That also makes it the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your latest jewelry designs. Highlight the unique features of each piece with high resolution photos and videos and show it being worn so that prospects can visualize themselves wearing it and how it might look on them. 

Give Them Personalized Recommendations

Last but not least, today’s digital technology makes it easy for you to glean all types of details about your customers and prospective buyers. From the pages they visit to the products they save to their Wishlist, to what they’ve bought in the past, jewelers can now leverage this information to send them personalized recommendations. 

For example, if they’ve recently purchased a diamond engagement ring, why not suggest complementary pieces for the bridal party? You can make recommendations even if the customer hasn’t purchased but has merely browsed. Have they been looking at emerald earrings? Perhaps other similar styles might pique their interest? 

The best part is that you can start taking advantage of these email marketing ideas right away to help boost your customer retention efforts. And if you need some help launching your marketing campaigns, trust the jewelry marketing experts at GemFind Digital Solutions to help you reach more clients with proven marketing know-how that makes your jewelry store the name to know in your local area. Contact us today to learn more! 

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