Email Marketing to Build Relationships with Customers Part 1

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Email Marketing For Jewelry Retailers 

Social media channels have been losing trust with users recently because people see them as constant paid ads from brands. They’re looking for something more authentic. Email is still a great way to update your customers and keep them informed. Jewelry stores are building relationships with their customers in 2019 when they use email marketing the right way.

This week we look at email marketing and why it’s important. If you’d like to learn more about how to get started or tips on how to approach email marketing for your jewelry store then you’ll want to stayed tuned for part two next week.

Email marketing can be very profitable for your store if you use the channel correctly. When compared to other forms of marketing, email usually outperforms because it is permission-based, measurable, and very efficient.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is defined as the use of email to promote products or services. This is often taken literally, and some businesses send nothing but sales, discounts, and promotional emails. This will often result in people viewing your brand as a discount store or they will get annoyed with your emails and unsubscribe from your list. The best way to increase sales through email marketing is by relationship building.

The wonderful thing about email is that it’s permission based. The people on your list gave you permission to contact them (please don’t send out emails to people who haven’t given you their permission), and from that point on, you can contact them directly and continue to earn their trust. 

Permission Based

Unlike other forms of marketing that may seem more intrusive, customers prefer email because they have more control. They decide whether they want to open your email or not, if they want to stop getting your emails, or they can even flag your email as spam (this can have a negative effect on future email deliverability). That’s why it’s very important to consider your audience, and what they are expecting from you, when putting together your email marketing campaigns.



Email marketing is a low-cost form of marketing when compared to other marketing channels such as social media ads, search ads, or direct mail marketing. The costs involved with email marketing is usually just a monthly email marketing software that can cost as little as $30/month. Other marketing channels can have you spending thousands of dollars a month to get your marketing message in front of people. It’s a very smart idea to use email marketing. The return on email marketing spend is $38 for every $1 invested.  That means it’s a great way to reach your audience and get great results.


Tracking results is a crucial part of running a good marketing campaign. A lot of channels out there offer unclear or ambiguous results and data. Email marketing shows accurate metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, and subscriber retention rates. This data also lets you see what customers are interested in by the way they interact with your emails. For example, you can see who opened the last 5 emails you’ve sent out about your bracelet sales, create a special offer involving bracelets, and send it exclusively to those who opened the five emails. Results have shown that those engaged with you emails are more likely to buy. Why send them a generic email about your products when you know the exact products they’re interested in? The important part is to send out good emails and then track and analyze the response.

Email marketing can be very broad or very targeted. When advertising on the radio or placing an ad on Pinterest you’re more than likely going to get your message in front of people who have no interest in what you’re offering. With email marketing, you can have a big list of people who, at the very least, know your brand and are open to getting a message from you. You can also grab that big list, identify groups, make offers that speak directly to those groups, and email those offers. When compared to other marketing channels email marketing is highly measurable.

The Right Way To Use Email

Many jewelry stores tend to lose contact with customers after the sale. This is especially true if they don’t have email marketing in place. The best time to contact a customer is right after they've trusted you and made a purchase. This is a great time to check in on them to see how they're doing, offer other products or services, ask for a referral or a review. Yet many businesses as spending their marketing time and budget on trying to get more new customers. 

Email is a great way to reach out to existing customers and continue to build a relationship. There are certain things people do to build trust and friendship that have stood the test of time. Things like the “Thank-you card” or a phone call wishing someone a happy anniversary strike a nerve.

Email has made it easier to reach many people and send them welcomed message. Technology has made it easier to automate some of these messages, but smart businesses are finding the time to use data gather throughout the relationship with customers and personalize even further. The idea is that email makes it a lot easier to communicate with a group of people and avoid sending them emails that don't interest them.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is still a valuable marketing channel in 2019 and can bring in more sales if used correctly. When people give you their email address they're giving you permission to contact them. Those first few emails are very important. Think about what your customers want to see and don’t be afraid to send different messages to different groups of customers on your list. Be personal and continue to earn their trust. Remember, welcomed emails can lead to more sales. For more specific tips and examples you’ll want to read part 2 coming next week.

If you’d like to learn about email marketing for your jewelry store or want us to take a look at your current email marketing strategy, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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