Abandon Cart Recovery Tips

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It is common for online shoppers to browse products on sites, gradually adding them to their shopping carts, then click out of their browsers and forget all about it. In fact, 75.6% of online shoppers put items in online carts without actually checking out, according to SaleCycle.

So what can you do to recover abandoned carts? Here are some tips.

1. Review your shipping costs. Business Insider collected data that showed that the number one reason that customers abandon carts is that the shipping cost is higher than they had expected. One way to handle this is to have a shipping calculator on the page to estimate the prices before a customer checks out.

2. Make sure your cart is visible. Is there a cart icon on every page of your website? Better yet, does the cart show how many items that you have in the cart? Having a visible cart icon which can tell you how many selections have been chosen and placed in it will make sure that customers know they have items still in their carts.

3. Guest checkout options. Not every customer is going to agree to creating an account with you in order to complete a purchase. Giving the option of checking out as a guest inside of creating an account will give your customers more freedom and make them more willing to complete their purchases.

4. Payment options and trust. Another consideration to have on your ecommerce website is the types of payments you accept. The more payment types you can accept, the easier it is for customers to complete their purchases without abandoning their carts. Checkout needs to be as seamless as possible to keep it easy on your customers. Read our article on 5 Ways to Make your Website more Trustworthy for more tips to build trust with your customers.

5. Use a saved cart service. You can also use a service that will save your customers’ carts for you, ensuring that the products are not lost, even if they close out of the browser. Many shopping cart providers will offer this service, but if yours does not, there are Apps for Shopify Basic, Recover Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce, and other options. A lot of customers like to comparison shop so keeping their carts around will make it easier for them to complete a purchase.

For more information on digital commerce and customer retention, contact the marketing experts at GemFind. Our team of experienced marketing gurus will help you with customer retention and prevent cart abandonment.  

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