A Guide To Social Media Advertising For Jewelry Stores

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A Guide To Social Media Advertising For Jewelry Stores


Whether you want to sell rings on Instagram or fine jewelry on Facebook, social media advertising is a great way to not only increase traffic to your website, but also reach interested buyers who are looking for the perfect accessory or gift.

As with any type of promotion, there are several different facets to social media advertising for jewelry stores. You’ll want to consider your options below and then think about which would resonate best with your target audience. Let’s take a closer look at how you can spread the word about your products on social media.

Integrate Your Products on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and especially Instagram are both highly visual social networks. Both are a great way to showcase your products and reach out to potential customers. Customers look at jewelry for all sorts of reasons, so try to capture that in your posts. From holidays and birthdays to anniversaries and other special celebrations, people love to look and feel beautiful.

And if you think Instagram is just for models or people showing off their lavish lifestyles, think again. Instagram advertising has surged in the last few months:


While Facebook may own Instagram, the advertising objectives for both can’t be applied with a broad brush, as research has shown:


With that being said, having the right ad objectives in mind is just as important as presenting your products in a way that’s eye-catching and attractive to your followers:

Here’s how to make sure they can order your products directly from Facebook or Instagram.

Setting Up Facebook Ads and Facebook Business Manager

Instagram doesn’t have an Ads Manager, so Instagram ads have to be created and managed through Facebook. You’ll need to start by creating and activating your Facebook ads account, as well as Facebook Business Manager. Once this is done, you’ll need to connect Instagram to Facebook.

Connecting Instagram to Facebook

In Facebook’s Business Manager, click on Business Settings, then Instagram Accounts. Click the Add button to connect to your Instagram account. You’ll need to log in to the Instagram account you want to add. After that, you can connect your product feed to Facebook Catalog.

Adding a Product Feed to Facebook

From the Facebook Business Manager home page, scroll down to Catalog and click Add Product Feed.

Take the time to have your products professionally photographed and presented. Presentations that exude quality give customers a first impression of what your jewelry pieces are like, so taking the time to present them well is important. Likewise, using hashtags (especially on Instagram) helps ensure that your products are seen by those who are interested in that particular tag.

Name and Schedule Your Product Feed

You’ll then need to name and schedule your product feed. Let Facebook know the frequency that it should schedule uploads for your product feed and add in the URL of the product feed. Now that your product feed is added, it’s time to make sure that users can buy your product direct from Facebook

Create New Ad in the Ads Manager

In the Ads Manager, you’ll want to go to the create new ad section. From here, click on Promote a Product Catalog, and click the one that you created for your product feed. You’ll add the product feed under the Ad Set section. You’ll also get to select your audience and the type of placement you want for the catalog (including on Instagram).

From here, you’ll place your order, it will be reviewed by Facebook staff, and your products will be approved to be displayed on the site(s) you selected - Instagram, Facebook or both.

Try Paid Advertising on Facebook

Paid ads on Facebook are a great way to reach your prospects as well as new markets you may not have considered before. Paid ads on Facebook can use videos, photo carousels and many other formats and styles to help share your brand story and your products in a way that having a Facebook page alone cannot.

The process is the same as adding a product feed, except you’re adding a creative -- an ad and copy that encourages users to click through to your website to learn more.

When done right, Facebook advertising can easily pay for itself, making it a cost effective way to spread the word and build a loyal following of fans and jewelry-lovers!

Experiment with Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads take Facebook advertising a step further by showcasing individual products from your product pages. Rather than creating an ad that, for example, features a sliding carousel of pre-selected products, dynamic ads can showcase products that customers have expressed interest in, or even those they might have viewed or searched for in the past.

What makes dynamic ads particularly powerful is that they can be precisely targeted to any stage of the sales funnel. So, for instance, if someone is searching for jewelry for mother’s day, a dynamic ad might highlight specific pieces as part of a “Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day” article. Once they’re more certain of what they want, and have been searching for pendants, the same type of ad could target the user by showing them only Mother’s Day pendants.

Creating this style of ad is a bit more involved than your typical Facebook ad, but the results can be astounding, making this a popular choice for jewelry stores looking to set themselves apart from the competition.

Unleash the Power of Retargeting

What if someone clicks on your ad, browses your products, but ultimately decides not to buy. Is that customer gone forever? Not with the power of retargeting! Retargeting across social media ads will help ensure that your ad, or even the specific product they looked at, appears on other sites they visit.

This can be useful to remind users that a holiday is coming up, or even showcase the piece in such a way as to drive a sale through urgency (limited pieces available!) or discount (20% off today only!)

Google Remarketing

If you’re already advertising on Google, getting started with Google Remarketing is as easy as adding a line of code. In fact, the Google Display advertising network reaches a whopping 92% of internet users through Google’s various and diverse properties. That means that if your users visit one of these other sites, it’s possible that your ad will appear there and remind them about your great deals and stunning new looks.



If you’re not taking advantage of remarketing, you’re missing out on considerably higher click-through rates, as noted in the chart below:



Plus, retargeting through Google is inexpensive. Although exact numbers depend on your industry and competition, it’s much easier to convert a customer through remarketing than trying to attract new customers through your ads.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook retargeting (known as Custom Audiences in the Facebook ad platform) is a type of advertising that targets people that:

  • Have engaged with your ad or your page (on Instagram or Facebook)
  • Have visited your website or used your app
  • Already know your company
  • Have interacted with you offline, such as through a retail store

On Facebook, reminding users about the products they looked at is a great way to encourage them to click through and complete a purchase. If you’re concerned about privacy, you’ll be interested to know that 57% of users are willing to share their personal information in exchange for a personalized deal or discount, and 47% don’t mind giving up some of their privacy for a better deal.

Instagram Retargeting

Because Instagram advertising is handled through Facebook’s Custom Audiences, all you need to do is tailor your remarketing to fit your Instagram-specific users. According to Facebook, you can now tailor Instagram remarketing ads to users who:

  • Viewed at least 3 seconds of your Instagram videos
  • Viewed at least 10 seconds of your Instagram videos
  • Watched 25% of your Instagram video
  • Watched 50% of your Instagram video
  • Watched 75% of your Instagram video
  • Watched 95% of your Instagram video

So depending on how much of your video they watched, you can specify retargeting ads that meet that criteria.

But Instagram videos aren’t the only type of media you can retarget. You can also leverage lead generation forms and Instagram retargeting to remarket to users who:

  • Opened your Instagram lead generation forms
  • Opened and submitted an Instagram lead generation form
  • Opened but did not submit your lead form on Instagram

Finally, you can get really granular with Instagram retargeting and specify ads that target people who:

  • Engaged with your Instagram page, ad or business profile
  • Engaged with your post or ads (likes, comments, saves and more)
  • Sent you a message on Instagram
  • Saved any of your posts

Taking the Next Step to Leverage Your Social Media Advertising to the Fullest

Whether used individually or together as part of a cohesive ad campaign, jewelry stores now have more options than ever to spread the word and showcase their products on social media. With that in mind, it’s a smart idea to work with a company that knows how to attract potential customers and generate interest in your pieces.

Contact GemFind Digital Solutions today to learn more and take your social media marketing to the next level!

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