A Guide to Organizing Facebook Ads for Jewelry Stores

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Looking to promote your jewelry store on Facebook but aren't sure where to start? Facebook ad campaigns are a part of the overarching umbrella of social media marketing, but even Facebook ads themselves depend on having things properly organized so that you can not only see what's working, but you can take proper steps to optimize your campaign and reach new customers for your jewelry store. 

So how do you organize your Facebook ads for your jewelry store (and not lose your sanity in the process?) 

How Facebook Ads are Structured

The first thing you'll need to understand is the overall campaign structure of Facebook ads, since it doesn't follow the same structure as other ad platforms like Google. Facebook's campaign structure can be broken down into three main parts: 

The Campaign - Campaigns contain one or more ad sets, which themselves contain one or more ads. The campaign is where you broadly define your marketing objectives -- one for each campaign. 

The Ad Set - As its name implies, the ad set is a collection of ads. Within the ad set you'll define things like your target audience, placement, budget and bid amount. 

The Ad - This is the actual creative that you'll use. 

The Campaign Level

The campaign level is where information about the campaign goes, such as your marketing objective. It's important to name them in a way that makes sense, since as you start running more ads and looking at the results, they'll remind you of the details at a glance.

Instead of something like "Ad set 1 - Ads - Jewelry Ads" you'd want to define specific parts about your campaign like this: 

(Campaign Name > Marketing Objective > OPTIONAL Key Targeting Factor) like so: 

"Diamond Engagement Rings - Sales Conversions - Houston, Texas" 

Setting Up Your Ad Sets

Next come the ad sets.  The best way to organize your Facebook ads so that they make sense is to give them a structure of: 

(Campaign Name OPTIONAL >  Brand/Style/Product/Service > Targeting Details) 

"Diamond Engagement Rings - 1ct - Cushion Diamond - Halo Setting - Women - Houston, Texas" 

Naming Your Ads

Last but not least comes naming your ads. It's a good idea to leverage the pre-existing data you have on your audience to name your ads. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can learn a great deal about your audience's preferences. However, before you get too carried away, it's a good idea to simply create two ads and change one thing about one of them.

The one thing you change could be the color, the call to action or anything at all.  But make a note of that change when you name the ad, such as: 

"Diamond Engagement Rings - Pink Background Color" vs. 

"Diamond Engagement Rings - Red Background Color"

Once you start organizing your Facebook ads this way for your jewelry store, it becomes infinitely easier to be able to determine which ads are working well, which ones aren't and where you need to make changes. 

And if you need help creating your Facebook Ad campaigns or adjusting your ad campaigns to convert more browsers into buyers, reach out to us at GemFind Digital Solutions! With over 20 years of experience helping jewelry stores market online, we know how to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns that work and convert!

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