6 Signs that Your Website Needs to be Updated

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Keeping up with the latest trends and style goes beyond the jewelry you sell. How you represent your business online should also be contemporary and updated regularly to reflect changing products, information, and design.

But how do you know it is time to update your website? This is what you need to look out for.

  1. Functionality on mobile devices. The first thing you need to watch out for is how well your website works on a phone or tablet. Most people do searches using their phones, so if your website is not loading well or the layout messes up on a mobile device, it is time to update.
  2. Your excitement to share it. How willing are you to share your URL with others? Are you proud of what someone will find when he or she lands on it? If you have any reservations about sharing your site or are not excited about showing it off, then it is due for a facelift.
  3. There are dates used on posts. Having a timestamp on your website will just show visitors that you have not updated your website. This leads to the assumption that you do not really have a web presence and you will find visitors far less willing to engage.
  4. Your site engagement. Another major factor to take into consideration is whether your visitors are interacting with your website. Are they leaving comments, filling out contact forms, or making purchases? If it seems like your website is dead in the water, it is definitely time to update. You can also read our post “4 Ways to Improve your Online Customer Satisfaction” for more information.
  5. How modern does your website look? If your site has an intro Flash on the landing page or it seems clunky with information, then you do not have a modern website. You need something sleek and inviting, showing off that your business is keeping up with trends. Just as your customers will want the latest trends in jewelry, your website visitors will expect the latest and most appealing website layout.
  6. Image quality. Stock photos are a dead giveaway these days, especially if you are using something generic. Ideally, you would have your own pictures taken by a professional photographer to showcase your products, using the best lighting to show it off. This blog post further elaborates on this point.

Our post, “10 Reasons Visitors are Leaving your Website,” also covers some ways that you might need to update your website.

GemFind has a team of marketing experts ready to help you update your business’s website today. With our unique and state-of-the-art web tools, we can enhance your website for the ultimate jewelry shopping experience. Contact us today to schedule for your consultation.



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