5 Ways to Avoid the June Sales Slump in the Jewelry Industry

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While June might be a good month for weddings, it is, unfortunately, not a good month for jewelry retailers. Far away from the holiday season, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and out of the proposal season, the long industry trend of plunging sales in the month of June consistently plagues the jewelry industry.

GemFind studied the click data of consumers across our network of jewelry websites to identify the purchasing behaviors of consumers. Our Annual Industry Trends Consumer Report confirmed that Q3 is the lowest performing quarter for the jewelry industry.

While it might seem like a challenge to overcome, there are some things that you can do to help combat the slump and keep your numbers up.

  1. Call on your regular customers. When the slump happens, you can reach out to your previous customers, reminding them to have their jewelry cleaned, tell them about any new products coming out, or even offer a special discount if they come in during the month of June. You could also offer a promotion where they receive a special gift for referring a friend to your business.
  2. Create a seasonal promotion. Maybe you can launch a sale or promotion to kick off summer or give out credit that can be used at a later date. Making these promotions feel festive will attract customers looking forward to summer.
  3. Keep active and present on social media. Even if the customers are not lining up to come into your store, you should act like they are. Stay present on social media, keeping up with new posts and contact, offering promotions, and communicating with any potential customers out there.
  4. Be present in the community. A lot of places will have more activities and events happening in the summer. See how your business can be a part of them or even sponsor them getting your name out in public and keeping it fresh in the minds of customers.
  5. Make use of the time. When your business slows down it is the perfect opportunity to strategize for the busier season, giving you great opportunities to build a marketing plan to execute later on. You can also use the time to evaluate your inventory, review what is selling and what is not, and also review your staff’s performance.

While jewelry businesses do have a yearly slump in the month of June, you do not need to consider the month as a failure. GemFind can help you build a marketing strategy to help keep your sales up, even when the market has gone down.

Contact a GemFind Marketing Expert today for ideas on how to boost sales with customized strategies that meet your business needs.



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