How A Custom Jewelry Builder Can Boost Sales

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If you're an online jeweler and you want to see more traffic and sales, it helps to connect with the tools that can make that happen. Traffic usually doesn't just come from luck or magic. You have to align with industry tools and strategies that create a memorable online experience so that visitors keep coming back and spread the word to friends. It especially helps to offer custom jewelry builder tools.

Why Customized Jewelry Attracts Traffic

Jewelry is popular for many reasons, but it's also a very competitive business since scarcity is part of the supply and demand dynamic. The more unique jewelry is, the more it will perceive value among collectors and gift-givers who want to impress others with special gems. By offering custom jewelry builder tools on your site, you will capture the attention of these specialty seekers.

Customized Rings, Pendants and Studs

Instead of paying a high-priced techie to design customization tools for your store, consider custom jewelry builder tools that are already available to jewelers through GemFind. The company also makes search tools for the jewelry business that help customers discover gems beyond their imaginations. Think of your site as a special place that allows your visitors to go on treasure hunts or to craft their own personalized treasures.

RingBuilder® is a tool that enables your customers to design engagement rings. It has customization options for cost, carat weight and certification type. This tool gives your customers a vehicle to send you inquiries and to share their creations with friends on social media, which will help boost your online store traffic. Fans of customized jewelry will want to know more about your offerings when they see friends sharing designs on Facebook.

Another exciting custom jewelry builder tool is PendantBuilder®, which provides you with generic mounting images, opening the door to use the manufacturer of your choice. You will be able to offer 3-prong, 4-prong and bezel mountings. StudBuilder® is yet another customization tool that provides flexible customization for designing diamond jewels. You will be able to showcase a multitude of images and videos.


Integration of custom jewelry builder tools is very helpful in boosting your online traffic. These tools can be installed easily on your website and you can customize them to match your themes and inventory. Check out GemFind and learn how custom jewelry builder applications will improve the online experience for your customers.

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